Who We Are

Penndel-Middletown Emergency Squad, a non-profit, emergency ambulance service, was incorporated in 1959 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Located in Middletown Township, it serves residents of that municipality and the neighboring Boroughs of Hulmeville, Langhorne, Langhorne Manor and Penndel - an area encompassing more than 25 square miles.

A Message from our Medical Director

The Penndel-Middletown Emergency Squad is building on past efforts to improve the quality of patient care and enhance safety. While our commitment to patients is evidenced by our 12-lead EKG transmission procedure for those suffering possible heart attacks, and by our specialty Bariatric Support Unit designed for the safe, efficient movement of larger patients, even more exciting programs are on the horizon - the newest placing our organization once again at the forefront of efforts to improve the resuscitation of victims of cardiac arrest. Over the coming months we will implement a high-performance CPR program, nicknamed "Pit Crew." Modeled after the choreographed precision that NASCAR pit crews demonstrate in servicing cars mid-race, this high-performance resuscitation program emphasizes critical interventions and identifies key roles of personnel performing CPR to enhance the timing and effectiveness of the care provided. Through extensive training and drills, in collaboration with local police and other first responders, we will sharpen and refine our resuscitative techniques to improve the outcome of patients suffering sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital setting.


2014 Mission: Lifeline® EMS Silver Level Recognition